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Larks Leaks Say Farewell to Manager Sue

Larks Leas Rest Home, elderly care home in Blandford, recently said a sad farewell to manager Sue. In order to spend more time with her family Sue has decided to go into semi-retirement, which will see her leave Larks Leas. She has been an excellent manager over her time here, always remaining so positive and committed even during the difficult circumstances of the previous 18 months. The residents and fellow team members of Larks Leas are sad to see her go and made sure she received a perfect send-off.

A garden party was held to commemorate the occasion, giving everybody the chance to say their goodbyes to Sue. Plenty of amazing BBQ food was on the menu, with Sue’s delicious good luck cake for dessert - we can say for certain that nobody went hungry! Sue received many going away presents, including an incredible card homemade by the residents, which we’re sure she will treasure.

Thank you for being such a fantastic part of the team, Sue! You will definitely be missed by everybody at Larks Leas Rest Home and we hope you enjoy your semi-retirement!



Published: 31/08/2021