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A Big Gesture for a Big Birthday at Larks Leas Rest Home

At Larks Leas Rest Home, care home in Blandford, birthdays are always an important occasion and we never miss the opportunity to celebrate. Norman, one of our residents, recently enjoyed a birthday and it was a big birthday indeed - 95 years old! We knew we had to make sure to properly commemorate the event.

Decorating a cake with the same number of candles as the celebrant’s age is always a popular tradition. However, putting 95 candles together on a cake tends to be a huge difficulty as well as a huge fire risk! Instead, an alternative method was required to ensure Norman got his 95 candles.

The solution was an appropriately-sized very big birthday card for his very big birthday! Homemade by his fellow residents, the amazing card was definitely a sight to behold. Adorned on both sides with drawings of 95 different candles of all sizes & colours, the massive birthday card stretched far and wide!

Norman was absolutely thrilled with his card and it made for a truly memorable birthday - however he’s still on the lookout for a shelf or mantelpiece long enough to display it!

Published: 28/01/2021